We are sick. You are sicker!



Since genes come in pairs, so do we;  like a genome, we are connected, we are intertwined.

Our combined histories cover multiple careers, including Seventh Avenue, art direction and costume design, styling, film and photography.

We have come to a point where the nucleus of our combined DNA has inspired us to take an anti parallel design approach to Doctor and Nurses attire.

We create scrubs and uniforms that are as unique as the doctors and nurses who wear them.

We have researched the ancient code of the existence of uniforms and tried to decode the true meaning of pride, respect, distinction, reverence, duty, service, security, reassurance, confidence.


1. friends and associates asking me to design one of a kind scrubs and uniforms for them.

2. The bar has been raised in all aspects of our lives personal and professionally and the medical industry has been slow to adopt.

3. combing the ancient code of professionalism with a current sense of fashion.

4. pairings, Art+Science, Fashion+Convention, Love+Hate, Start-up+Corporate, 


The product we create must positively impact others, just like one gene impacts every generation beyond…. 



We evolved out of a niche in the fashion marketplace that had been overlooked.  The medical industry employs millions of unique individuals, who have all been looking pretty pale and sterile in their generic med-wear. 

Our fashion-conscious scrubs are to breathe, live and look feverishly good in, for every shift Nurse Betty and Dr.ER head to, in order to save another life….  

…..We’re made in America……of premium fabrics and beautiful details….utilitarian meets runway…..fashion-conscious and practical, our scrubs are simply to die for.


DNA we think creation is one of the wonders of the 21st century.